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Welcome to Hiba World

Hiba is a professional, super mobile application. This application is basically designed to solve most routine problems or challenges that we might face in daily life. As expected, the appropriate use of technology leads us to better living efficiency, and here we are to make this statement true. This app is going to be practical for all residents and visitors of G.C.C. countries. Hiba is the Arabic term for gift. It is a gift that is given unconditionally without any expectation of return. So this gift will make everything possible and make life much easier. We are proud to present that Hiba is a national UAE application, and its headquarters are located in Dubai, UAE. According to the development and rapid use of technology in the UAE, especially in Dubai, this app will, optimistically, increase the rank of UAE technology around the globe.

The Best For The Best

Hiba Solutions

Main Page

  • Multi language app
  • FinTech
  • AI Service 
  • Local Service


  • Entry deposit
  • Access cards
  • Service Charge
  • Reservation
  • Announcment 


  • Motorcycle Courier 
  • Pick up Truck Courier
  • Car recovery
  • Heli Service
  • Limousine Service


  • Local business service
  • Online reservation
  • Online inquiry
  • Rating system
  • Promotion 

Social Club

  • Local news in your language
  • Local Events
  • International Newspaper
  • E-library 
  • Local Rules and regulations


  • Events and Concert Ticket
  • Sport Match Ticket
  • Exhibitions
  • Cinema Tickets
  • Theater

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Market Size

Now we discussion about the market size and our expectation of the participation of the population at worth case.

Start: Dubai Resident

Population: 3,600,000

Expect No. of user: 360,000(worst case scenario)

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Meet the team

Babak Ebrahimi
CEO and Founder

Anahita Akbari
Operation manager

Ali Asgari
Head Marketing

Hassan Al Khalsan
Legal Adviser

Mohamad Ashraffi
Technical Manager

Shakiba Akbari
Account Manager